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Community Healing Spaces 

Our website provides comprehensive information about our support services and educational opportunities. Our Quarterly Town Hall Meetings offer community members a chance to learn about the Coalition and receive updates on our projects, programs, and policies. Additionally, our Quarterly Webinars delve into topics related to the family policing system, focusing on effective advocacy for family reunification and selecting the best service providers for family support and healing.

We also provide specialized spaces such as the Community Healing (virtual) Spaces, designed for those negatively impacted by the family policing system. This virtual space, facilitated by therapeutic providers and individuals with lived experience, aims to help participants understand system trauma and develop a supportive healing community.

For those experiencing deep personal loss, our Phantom (Parents) Grief Therapeutic Groups cater to biological parents who have had their parental rights terminated by dependency and neglect courts. Meanwhile, the Phantom (Parents & Kinship) Grief Therapeutic Groups support a broader range of family members, including grandparents, aunts, uncles, siblings, cousins, nieces, and nephews.

Additionally, our Family System Involvement Processing and Skills Group is tailored for families that have been reunified after involvement with the family policing system. This group focuses on rebuilding family trust, cohesiveness, and facilitating healing. These initiatives are part of our commitment to fostering recovery and strengthening familial bonds within the community.

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