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The Coalition believes in the power of truth-telling through narratives. We are collecting stories from impacted individuals to promote change and hold those accountable for the destruction of families. Through our love letters, podcast, and documentary filming, we provide the community with three platforms to educate and share their truths with the public.

Love Letters

Coalition Love Letters are heartfelt messages sent to children adopted out of the child welfare system. These letters aim to counter the narrative that these children were unloved or unwanted. Instead, they emphasize that the children were taken by a flawed system and are deeply cherished. These letters will be shared virtually with all subscribers to the Coalition website and on the Coalition’s social media accounts. Your participation helps spread the message of love and belonging.

Documentary Filming: Generational System Trauma

We are interviewing parents who currently have an open child welfare or child protection case and have a history of being in foster care themselves as a child. This platform aims to shed light on their unique experiences and the challenges they face within the child welfare system.

The Chronicles of Family Destruction

The Abolish Podcast features guests of young parents (25 and younger) whose rights were terminated by the child welfare system. It also includes kinship family members who fought to gain custody of their young relatives but lost them to adoption by non-family members. This platform aims to share their stories and experiences, highlighting the challenges and injustices faced in these situations.

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